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Heartmind Teaching

When we engage fully with our heart and mind, we are capable of more than we possibly know.  With mindfulness, we nurture our heartminds and become more aware of how we are in the world. With loving awareness and compassion, we learn to cultivate a way of being that reflects our deepest beliefs. As we understand how deeply connected we are to each other and the planet, we commit ourselves to cherishing radical inclusivity and creating courageous communities. The liberatory practices of the Buddha provide powerful tools to address legacies of racial injustice and other violent forces of oppression.

About Me:

I live and work in Oakland, CA and teach mindfulness and meditation with a focus on radical inclusivity and teaching in diverse communities. I am a core teacher at the

East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC).  I have worked and practiced at EBMC since it opened  in 2007 and have served in many roles including: Core Teacher, Board Member, Program Committee Member, Development Committee Member, and White Awakening Sangha Teacher. I started the LGBTQIA2+ Meditation Group (what EBMC now calls the Alphabet Sangha) with my teacher Larry Yang in 2004.  One of the  main reasons for the group was to create a welcoming space for people of all genders and sexualities which wasn't available in other spaces.  EBMC  has been celebrated as "one of the most diverse Buddhist sanghas in the world" and I am grateful that I have been one of many people who have helped sustain and nurture this amazing place.  Here is a link to a video about the EBMC.  


I started meditating in 1997 and have attended retreats in the U.S., Thailand, and Burma. I received certification to teach through Spirit Rock Meditation Center where I completed the Community Dharma Leader and the Dedicated Practitioner Programs.  Currently, I am continuing my teacher training in the 2020 Spirit Rock Teacher Training Program.   

I worked for over 23 years in public schools focused on access and equity, in a variety of positions: Elementary Instructional Coach, 4th grade bilingual Spanish-English teacher,  Middle School Science teacher, English Language Development Teacher, and mindfulness teacher.   I have taught mindfulness to more than 400 teachers and students in the Mt Diablo Unified School District.


I identify as gender non-conforming

(Genderqueer) and as part of the transgender community   

I use the pronouns they, their, and them

I am grateful for the connection that Ohlone people 

have had and continue to have to the east bay

which is their ancestral homeland. Their courage

and resilience in the face of colonialism and white supremacy inspire me.



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