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Heart Mind Teaching for Groups

Dharma Teaching for Groups: I offer a variety of

services, ranging from short mindfulness or meditation classes to multi-day retreats to both established

meditation groups and informal gatherings. 

Some areas of expertise range from community building, gender equity, Buddhist Sutta study, to trauma informed mindfulness retreats. 

Please contact to discuss what  arrangement 

and topics would best meet the needs of your community.

JD teaching at East Bay Meditation Cente


 I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions from

30 minutes to 50 minutes to support you in your practice of meditation. I offer both Dharma (Buddhist) mentoring and secularized mindfulness coaching.  During these sessions, I offer deep listening, practical guidance, and compassion, with a strong focus on radical inclusivity and access. I offer support for all people and especially invite transgender people, queer folx, social justice activist, and those working to combat internalized privilege. 

I work with groups and individuals and groups to move beyond tolerance of differences to embracing and celebrating the radical diversity of our communities. This  work is often challenging and employing the heart practices, as well as critical analysis of our histories/cultures can lead to transformation. Whether you are looking for support for work you are doing to promote anti-racist communities,  to disrupt transphobia and heteronormativity, or to be able to ground yourself in the midst of day to day transgressions, please contact me to discuss what these trainings can be.

For more information:

photo of section of colorful mural with three blue heads that says equal
Red Bridge

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” 
― James Baldwin

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